organic skin care
organic skin care
The Organic Approach
The Organic Approach

Organic and natural facials

Our facials plant new life into skin that is exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution and aging elements. We offer a wide selection of facials, peels and advanced treatments to meet your personal skin needs. 



  • Aromatherapy
  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliaton
  • Extractions As-Needed
  • Facial, Arm and Shoulder Massage
  • Skin Analysis and Regimen Recommendation

Berry Natural Signature Facial


This customizable spa facial is designed for every skin type to clean and restore healthy skin. The skin is cleaned with organic hydrating products, exfoliated with bamboo,& gentle extractions. Your skin is also infused with powerful antioxidants for natural healthy glow. For all Skin Types & Conditions including: Acne, acne scars, clogged pores, large pores, blackheads, dilated capillaries, wrinkles, sun damage, & sensitive skin.

Organic $75 for 60 mins.

First Time Clients $59

DELUXE Berry Chocolate Firming Facial


This Berry blend with Dark Chocolate mask delivers essential vitamins into the skin, followed by ultra-hydrating Vitamin C & Antioxidant rich emollient formula to repair the visible effects of sun damage, dehydration, & stress. Improves texture, hydrates, & refines pores. All skin types. Includes: Eye & Lip Collagen Mask Treatment. Plus Hand & Foot Reflexology Massage.

Organic $150 for 75 mins.

Revitalize Anti-aging Facial


Revitalize dry, dull, aging skin with a gentle blend of Glycolic, Lactic, & Hyaluronic acids to exfoliate dead skin cells & moisturize with a peptide enriched facial. Amino acids, antioxidants & growth factors help tighten mature aging skin. Techniques exfoliate dry or flaky dehydrated skin, improves fine lines & wrinkles, improves acne skin, & is a good post-treatment. 

Natural $95 for 60 mins.

Anti-Aging Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenate Facial 


Stop the clock with this powerful anti-aging facial using advanced skin products. The Apple Plant derived Stem Cell technology is fused with Nutripeptides & Vitamins A-C to rejuvenate sun damaged skin, plump lines & wrinkles, & stimulate tired or dull-looking skin. Includes exfoliation, extraction, & massage techniques to stimulate & oxygenate all skin types

Natural $95 for 60 mins.

Lightening & Lifting Facial


This lightening spa facial counters hyperpigmentation or dark spots, melasma, & age or liver spots with a pure blend of Lactic acid, Bearberry extract, Arnica Montana, Licorice extract & high doses of Vitamin C for a luminous complexion. Increases skin radiance, prevents formation of pigment spots, & massage stimulates & oxygenates the skin. Skin type: Sun damaged, Dehydrated, Aging, Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Dark Skin.

Natural $95 for 60 mins.

Vitamin C Skin Rejuvenation Facial


Ultra hydrating vitamin C skin treatment nourishes skin with essential Antioxidants A, C, E & revives with Hyaluronic acid & Pentapeptide. The perfect antidote for dry, dull, sensitive, & roseacea skin. Increases radiance, instantly hydrating, & reduces fine lines & refines large pores. Includes exfoliation, extraction, & massage to stimulate & oxygenate skin. Skin types: Normal to Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive, Rosacea. 

Natural $95 for 60 mins.

Don't Be So Sensitive Rosacea Facial


Ultra soothing relief & visible reduction of dilated capillaries, blotchy & irritated skin using Organic Green Tea, Lavender, Chamomile, Ceramide, Olive Oil, & 100% pure native Collagen Veil. Includes: exfoliation, extraction & massage techniques to stimulate & oxgygenate skin. Skin conditions: Dehydrated, Irritated, Red, Blothchy, Uneven, Sensitive, Rosacea skin.

Organic $95 for 60 mins.

Acne and Oily Detox Skin Treatment


*Dermatologist Recommended. This clinical acne facial treats excess oil & blemishes. Skin is cleaned, detoxed & infused with salicylic & glycolic acid. Facial eliminates dead skin cells, removes oil & bacteria, & reduces scarring, redness, & inflammation with soothing ingredients. Includes exfoliation, extraction, & massage techniques to stimulate & oxygenate the skin. Skin Type: Acne, Oily & Teen Skin.

Natural $75 for 60 mins.

Skin Repair Anti-Aging Facial


This 100% Organic facial treatment has medical grade results. A silky, ultra hydrating botanical serum infused with organic Japanese Green Tea, Copper-complex Peptide, & other super-antioxidants repair, tighten, balance & leave skin intensely hydrated with a healthy glow. Includes exfoliation, extraction, & massage techniques to stimulate & oxygenate skin. Skin type: Unbalanced, Teen, Pregnant, Chemo & Menopausal clients. 

Organic $95 for 60 mins.

Men's Spa Facial


A relaxing yet deep cleansing facial designed to treat, repair & protect skin that is subject to perspiration from sports, work & stress. The best spa facial for men of all ages clears acne, blackheads, & whiteheads with gentle extractions that don't hurt or leave you red. It also includes an aromatherapy massage for shoulder, neck, scalp, & arms muscle tension relief & maximum relaxation. Skin type: All skin types.

Natural $75 for 60 mins.

Reviver 30 Minute Lunch Facial



Instantly hydrating, softening, and brightening, this facial will leave skin looking fresh, clear & radiant. Ideal when the skin needs an instant boost. Facial includes exfoliation, mask, & massage techniques to stimulate and oxygenate the skin. Skin type: All skin types. 

Organic $45 for 30 mins.

Acne Back Facial


Enjoy healthy & clear skin with a deep cleansing & detoxifing back facial treatment. All active ingredients work to treat breakouts, remove blackheads, acne, & white heads & minimize large pores. Back facial includes exfoliation, extractions & massage techniques to stimulate & oxygenate skin. Skin type: All skin types. 

Natural $75 for 60 mins.

LED Photo Facial


The best skin treatment for acne, brown spots, broken capillaries, rosacea, & wrinkles. Using gentle pulses of Red, Blue, Green light & Heat, along with customized products allows results to commence from within the skin. Includes exfoliation, extraction, & massage techniques to stimulate & oxygenate the skin. Skin type: Acne, Oily, Mature, Hyperpigmented, Dark Skin, Dark spots, Sensitive, & Rosacea.

Natural $125 for 75 mins.      Add-on: Microdermabrasion $150 for 80 mins.


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